One in Motion

Martial Arts, Fight Science and Defensive Tactics 


Thank you for your interest in our school and training curriculum. We offer a multi-disciplinary martial art, fight science and defensive tactics study program. Our knowledge is traditional but taught in a modern context. We emphasize skill development and technical proficiency through extensive training, applied practice and progressive intensity. We unravel the mystery of the martial arts and teach you the how and why our methodologies work over style and dogma. Our training if ever called upon provides you with the confidence, knowledge, tactical skill and potential to defend yourself and your loved ones. 

Our way is ancient, our method is rigorous, our applications scientific, our tactics effective, our training modern and our principles and concepts are timeless. 

Our goal is simple: Provide you with the knowledge and potential ability you need to avoid defend and or overcome violence against your person.

Classes are for ages 14 and above. Families are welcome. Females are encouraged. All are treated with earned respect. Sessions are approximately 60 to 90 minutes long and limited to small groups. Wear something comfortable loose and not distracting or revealing. Please refrain from delicate jewelry and other sensitive items that are easily damaged.

Our methodologies draw from various martial disciplines.

Our Core Curriculum Encompasses:

Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)

Lee Jun Fan Kickboxing

Ta Merrian Martial Arts 

Judo/Jiu-Jitsu Concepts

​Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Kung Fu 

US Army Infantry Small Unit Tactics

Progressive Intensity Awareness Training 

Live Action Scenario Training

*Private Lessons, Train the Trainer Inquiries And Seminar Sessions Welcome

** Protection Professionals, Security Contractors, First Responders and Military Service Members please inquire about One In Motion's "Dynamic Tactics" training program.